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Bangkok Entertainment Tips by Joe Cummings

There’s an interesting videon on YouTube were author Joe Cummings (the guy who did the Lonely Planet Thailand books) shows you some of Bangkok’s entertainment options. Unfortunately we can’t show the video on our website, but you can watch it free on YouTube.

He talks about Khon Mask, Calypso Cabaret, the Spasso Bangkok, Bed Supperclub and DJ Nakadia, and even if you are familiar with them, you will find really interesting insights in this great video.


Thailand Graffiti Trip

Here’s a great video of a French graffiti artist painting in Bangkok and Thailand, and the reactions he got from Thai people and the friendships he formed through his art.

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Bangkok Flashmob

If you’ve been at Siam Square on May 11, 2012, you might have been lucky to witness this life: the Bangkok flashmob “One Direction”. If not, here’s a video 🙂


If you enjoy a Baroque-opera, take note:

Today, tomorrow and on Sunday (18, 19 & 20 May 2012) Dido & Aeneas, an opera by Henry Purcell, will be performed in Bangkok in the small hall of the Thailand Cultural Center.

It’s another project by NUNi founder Pattarasuda Anuman Rajadhon.

Tickets cost 600, 800 and 1,000 baht (200 baht for students) and can be bought at Thai ticket major (or you can call 02-255-6617/8, 02-254-4954)

Click here for more infos.


New York Times on “Bangkok Rising”

Bangkok Rising is the headline of a lovely profile of this city – recently one of their writers made it to our favorite place in the world and had her own Bangkok sightseeing experience, which made her fall in love with our city. If you haven’t been here yet and are looking for some general ideas what to see in Bangkok, you might wanna read this piece.


EU Eco Film Festival in Bangkok

The EU Eco Film Festival 2012 will take place in Bangkok, starting May 24 2012. It’s a spin-off of the annual EU Film Festival and takes place at SF Cinema on the 6th floor of the Terminal 21 shopping center.

In total there are 10 movies that focus on changing the world.

They Will Come to Town

This short movie is about climate change, and how it can affect our cities. EU Ambassador David Lipman will give an opening speech at 6:30PM.


The movie Home, by French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand can be watched online on YouTube for free. It’s about how the world is changing because of global warming – from a bird-s eye view, beautiful camera work.

The Age of Stupid

Starring Pete Postlethwaite who lives alone in the devastated world of 2055. He’s watching videos from the year 2000 and wondering why we didn’t stop global warming when we still had the chance.

Recipes for Disaster

A movie from Finland by director John Webster.

The Bill

A German movie where three friends chat in a bar about climate change.

Cities on Speed – Cairo Garbage

About the garbage problem in expanding cities, by Danish filmmaker Mikala Krogh.

The Saga of the Primeval Forest: The Tale of A Lynx

A movie from Poland about the Bialowieza forest.

Think Global, Act Rural

About the destruction modern agriculture can have on the environment. This is a French movie.

If you enjoy watching movies (the European ones that are shot to make a social impact), then the EU Eco Film Festival might be well worth to include in your Bangkok sightseeing trip.


Terminal 21 – Fun Shopping Mall in Bangkok

Terminal 21 is one of Bangkok’s newest major shopping malls, opened in October 2011. It’s a very unique concept mall, different in many ways from other large Bangkok shopping centers, and we do like the ideo.

Why is it named Terminal 21? Because of it’s innovative concept: being an airport terminal that leads to different places in the world. From outside it already resembles a modern airport, featuring the typical curvilinear glass-and-steel façade. And why 21? Well, because it’s located at Sukhumvit Soi 21.
Terminal 21 - Facade

Each of the nine floor represents a different city, and it’s reflected in the architecture and interior design. In total there are around 600 shops here – but most of them are brands that you probably have never heard of, independent and small boutique labels, not the typical big-name brandnames that you find in every other mall, except for the ground floor where you’ll find several big international brands (see below). Some of them are high-priced luxury brands, some of them are low-priced budget labels and many are in-between – so there is something for every wallet.

Los Angeles (6th Floor)

An eight-screen cineplex (two of them with 3D) operated by SF Cinema City, electronics and mobile phone stores and a spa are located here.

San Fransisco (5th and 4th Floor)

Here you find the food court (at Pier21), and popular landmarks, attractions and places from the area, including the Golden Gate bridge.

What’s also nice about this place: usually food courts serve overpriced, mediocre food. But at the Terminal 21 foodcourt you get really good value for your money.
And it’s really Pier21 themed:
Terminal 21

There are also plenty of cafes and restaurants here, great for foodies. If you want a good coffee and/or cake, try the Baanying Cafe. For decent dimsum at very good prices try the Canton House.

Istanbul (3rd Floor)

Many small, independent boutique shops from all over the world selling gifts, accessories, home decor, trinkets, beauty products and toys.
Terminal 21, Bangkok

London (2nd Floor)

More small, independent international and local boutique shops for fashion and accessories, many of them also for men.
men shops terminal 21
Terminal 21, Bangkok

Tokyo (1st Floor)

Yet more small, independent international boutique shops, and it’s mostly fashion for women.
Terminal 21, Bangkok
Matudio Terminal 21

Paris (Mezzoforte)

At a small replicated Champs-Élysées, you find a mix of large international brands (like Esprit, Charles & Keith, The Body Shop, The Face Shop) and smaller labels, and a Starbucks.
Terminal 21 - Starbucks

Rome (Ground Floor)

This is where large international brands are lcoated, like Kipling, Jaspal, Adidas, Levi’s, Guess, Puma, Nike, and so on. And yes, apart from Sistine Chape murals you also find classical statues.
Terminal 21 (111)
The information counter staff all wear flight attendant uniforms.

Carribean (Basement)

The basement is Carribean-themed, and here you also find the gourmet market and several take-away food outlets like Subway, Baskin & Robbins, Japanese Mos Burger, Madame Heng, Mister Donut and more.

It you’ve been visiting too many shopping malls and are bored by the uniform experience, this one might still be worth a visit. A ride along the 36-meter elevator surely is impressive too.
Terminal 21 Bangkok 29

And check out the toilets – first, yes, they are very clean and well-maintained. But they also have heated toilet seats, bidets, and all kinds of fancy stuff that the Japanese are famous for. Plus, every toilet has it’s own theme (one is a bakery, one is a subway, and so on).
Terminal 21 (132)

You also can enjoy free (and fast!) WiFi here (but you’ll need to register with your Passport once at the information counter in Rome, pardon, on the ground floor).

Terminal 21 is opened from 10Am to 10PM every day of the week. It’s easily accessible by BTS (Station Asok) and MRT (Station Sukhumvit), and can easily be fitted into any Bangkok sightseeing tour.
Terminal 21 Bangkok Thailand

We can’t say whether Terminal 21 is the best shopping mall in Bangkok or not – that depends on what you like. But it’s definitely one of our favorites!

Here’s a video that shows Terminal 21 from outside and inside in different places – no sound there, so it’s not most exciting video in the world, but gives you good overview of impressions from the place:

You can also check out the Terminal21 Facebook page!


Amor Bangkok – Great Cakes for Fair Prices

As a team of seasoned Bangkok sightseeing tour guides, we do know that after some time in the Big Mango, indulding in all kinds of exotic new tastes, many people do enjoy a familiar treat. Like cake!

If you are looking for yummy cakes, Amor Bangkok is a good choice. While it’s not difficult to find cake in Bangkok, most of them are made to look beautiful and taste… well, sweet, but not good. Oftentimes they use cheap ingredients. One reason for that might be that to Thai people, cake is still something kind of exotic, and Thais do care about appearance, so when they eat cake, they want to have a nice visual experience, and they like to save money.

Amore Bangkok is different – they provide premium quality for decent prices – around 55 baht for a piece of cake.

If you try any of their cakes, make it one of their cheesecakes first. We are deeply in love with the blueberry cheese cake. The only negative thing we can say about this cake is that it disappears way too fast as soon as it’s put in front of our nose 😉

Blueberry Cheese cake by Amor Bangkok

Blueberry cheese cake

A close relative to the blueberry cheese cake is the lemon cheese cake, which you may admire in the following picture:

Lemon Cheese Cake by Amor Bangkok

Lemon Cheese Cake

The dough basement here is really nice, because it’s a kind of firm, yet soft dough (not crispy, but in a good way soft!). The cheese part of it is just right – creamy and yummy and it makes you feel like ummmmm, at peace. And then there’s that gentle lemon topping, balancing that comfortness out with a refreshing zing and zest. And yes, they use real fresh lemons, not some kind of cheap lemon aroma or ready-made juice.

We love Thai ice tea (cha yen), so we couldn’t resist trying the Thai Tea La-Moon Cake (what does La-Moon mean? We don’t know either):

Thai Tea Cake by Amor Bangkok

Thai Tea La-Moon Cake by Amor Bangkok

It’s good, but… just a bit bland, and while the Thai tea cream is just right, the dough of the cake itself is just a bit too loose and lacks character. Well, that’s probably why they call it “soft cake”.

The same can be said about the Orange cake:

Orange Cake by Amor Bangkok

Orange La-Moon Cake

But we really liked their Banana Chocolate cake, particularly because the Banana Chocolate combination gives it a kind of “slurpy” texture.

Amor Bangkok Banana Chocolate Cake

Banana Chocolate Cake by Amor Bangkok

Their Mille Crepe cake is good if you prefer something more subtle and bland, but it is also their probably most filling cake, so much so that we think you can actually share it with another person and still have both people be satisfied. It’s really thinly layered and very soft:

Mille Crepe by Armor Bangkok

Mille Crepe Cake

And then there’s Amor Bangkok’s chocolate cheese cake. Well, the name is pretty much self-explanatory, and if you do like chocolate, and you do like cheesecake, then you will like this one. It’s a very chocolatish-cheesecake, and fortunately not too much on the sweet side. (You know, not like those fast-food chocolate cakes, where they just put in way too much sugar because sugar is a cheap ingredient? Amor Bangkok didn’t do that, and we love ’em for that!)

Chocolate Cheesecake by Amor Bangkok

Chocolate Cheesecake by Amor Bangkok

They do have a great iced moccha, and their hot chocolate is good too, with a generous foam topping covering it:

Hot Chocolate at Amor Bangkok

Hot Chocolate

Amor Bangkok doesn’t use preservatives, so they gotta make their cakes fresh every day – which they do.

They also have a promotional video where different people praise different desserts, so if you want to watch their advertisement, here it is:


Bangkok Timelapse Video (2012)

Here is another Bangkok timelapse video, this one from 2012 by Fototrav.

Locations include Chao Phraya River, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Siam BTS, Terminal 21, Erawan Temple, Ekkamai, Soi Cowboy, Chit Lom BTS, MBK mall, Siam Paragon, Central World, Victory Monument and Soi 11