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Chocolatish Sightseeing Break at Kakao Cafe Bangkok

There are all kinds of ways how we can set up boundaries between people, separate them from each other: race, religion, income, and so on. But in the end, there are just two kinds of people: good people and bad people. Or, to be more precise: those who love chocolate and those who don’t love chocolate.

Well, we from the Bangkok sightseeing team are good chocolate-loving people of course.


And that is one of the reasons why we like the Kakao Cafe in Bangkok. Two storys of sweets and desserts. Many are completely unchocolatish, but nonetheless great.

But this is just a little tip for those who are worried that they might burn too many calories during their Bangkok sightseeing activities 😉

99/361-8 Sukhumvit Soi 24

Phone: 02 661 1766

They open at 11AM and close at 10PM. There also are comfy places to lay in a sugar-coma upstairs 😉

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